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Wargames Session 26th October 2014

BE AWARE the 26th of October the clocks go back 1 hour!! So enjoy the extra hour!!



We have moved from Parterre Hall and are now using the Volunteer Rooms.

This has increased our space greatly and we now have access to more tables.

If anyone is interested in using our new facilities please come along and visit us.

Every Sunday from 11am - 5pm, At the Volunteers rooms in Irvine.


Space Crusade scenario - Skirmish to contact

Howard, Aragorn, Ross, Craig McC, Stephen  ....? 



Walter, Roddy


TBC 40K Role Play Heresy  - DM S. Philson??

Craig McD, Aidan and Iain



Marc, ?



Alan B, ?



Jamie S, William, Chris, Kevin, Robert, ?


AT43 / Bolt Action

Ian W, zellak



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5 Che  
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Hey! I remembered to put my clocks back. Thanks for the reminder Ross rolleyes

4 TheInvisibleGuy  
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I've found a new way to play 40k! It's a game mode called Supply and Demand. You start off with a few units and you capture pillars to gain more points and from there you can summon units etc, the game mode seems UBER FRICKEN COOL.. I would need another two people to play with me, I would be more than happy to let someone use my Tau for a game against someone. I would not be playing as I would need to make sure all the rules are accurate and i would adjust anything that is outdated.

I made a Note containing the rules which I had to adjust a tad for 7th edition - Warhammer 40k - Supply and Demand the rules are pretty nifty so please Cipher (for Iain™) through them. I added a single idea for a map which included Ross's board thingy mabob..

Anyone can play, even the people that aren't 40k fanboys.
So if anyone wants to play but doesn't have an army they can use my Tau smile
If i can get two people in for Sunday 2nd November then that'd be great. If your interested then pm me smile

1 Morgoth  
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Finally got to finish off my Dystopian Wars - Covenant of Antarctica models. At 1:1200 scale, the detail in these models is superb, but brutal on the eyes when painting!

Another fun project where I got to use my airbrush for engine "glow." Still got a lot to learn, but need to invest in a much better airbrush $$$ sad ... Tis the curse of our hobby! biggrin ... Walts

2 p1fx  
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Nice, any pics? Do you use a magnifying glass? I can sometimes not see the detail on 28's never mind that small a scale. And a airbrush eh? very nice.

Need to get in touch regarding characters for the rpg etc , drop me a pm.

3 Morgoth  
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Pics can be found in the Photo section ...

>>> http://www.northayrshirewargamesclub.co.uk/photo/

... with my Blazing Sun one's from before ...

>>> http://www.northayrshirewargamesclub.co.uk/photo/dystopian_wars/68

My eyesights pretty good, so I didn't use an MG, and having done this scale bfore had picked up a couple of tricks to get the job done! ... Walts

6 p1fx  
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Oh nice work! Puts my painting skills properly to shame, not that I claim to be any good mind you (as you will know if you have seen my mini's on facebook). Good eyesight is certainly a help, I think some natural light may help me a little too lol.

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