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Main » 2017 » June » 18 » Wargames Session 25th June 2017
5:20 PM
Wargames Session 25th June 2017
We are in the VOLUNTEER ROOMS in Irvine.
Every Sunday from 11am - 5pm, 
Ross, Peter, Howard & 1 more?
WarHammer 40k (8th)
Walts (Tau) Vs Philson (Imperial Guards)
Team Yankee - if Gerry in
Stephen B?, Ian B, Alan B, Andy M? 
Jim R, Andy L
Walter, zellak 
Aaragorn, Chris G, Robert etc.
Remember to catch up on latest photos on our facebook page.
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3 zellak  
I sent an e-mail asking for alternative venues....they replied that they are looking into it.

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1 zellak  
Got a letter from the council today. We will be shut 13,20,27 Aug, 3,10, Sept. 15 Oct. 3,24,31 Dec. 1 April. Money is going up 5 pence to £ 6.00 an hour.

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2 RMcN  
That is ridiculous - I do remember they told us last year we would be shut for 2 weeks for Marymass but then found we were only shut for 1 week. Need to speak to the caretaker as to what the hall is booked out for. Not good!! angry

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