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Main » 2013 » November » 17 » Wargames Session 24th November 2013
Wargames Session 24th November 2013
At43 - trench warfare trial!!
zellak, Ian W

Ross, Walter, Howard, Alan B, Aragorn (trying out Vikings), + anyone else?

Heroclix  or boardgame from Stew W
Chris, Stew W, William, Del

Craig McD, Iain, Craig McC

Cameron McD, Aidan, Stew P.
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8 Morgoth  
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Hi Guys

Not going to be in this week ... been invited to a "bit-of-a-do" on "The Rock" ... so won't be across anytime soon on Sunday,

Soz, Walts

6 Che  
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I got one as well! I checked around and there seems to be a scam afoot. If you read this, Tom, your email account might have been hacked into. But you probably know already. Or is it the club's account? Dunno, not an expert. angry

7 RMcN  
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It came from Tom's email - so I suggest it is his email that has been hacked.

I have sent him an email as one came in to the club email today. Unless he is in Manila and having a terrible time!! :(

5 zellak  
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Aye, i got one saying he was stuck in the philipines with no dosh.

4 Zealyot  
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Did anyone else get a very weird email from someone claiming to be Tom?

1 mcbale  
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I'd be interested in trying a game of SAGA if anyone has a spare force i could use?

2 RMcN  
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I've got plenty of figures for you to use.

Just choose a faction. We can sort that out on the day.

Aragorn is trying out the Vikings - the simplest to get on with for a starting player. But you might have another type in mind.

3 mcbale  
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Thanks man, I am not sure of the factions, so it may just be easier to sort it out on Sunday.

9 mcbale  
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hey, really sorry but I am not gonna be in tomorrow, I am utterly knackered after today.

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