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Main » 2014 » August » 17 » Wargames Session 24th August 2014
Wargames Session 24th August 2014

Space Crusade open battle

Howard, Ross,  Craig McC, Rory?



Keir, Stew P



zellak, Jamie McL, Stephen, ?



Jamie S, Aragorn, William, Chris, Stew W, Robert, Kevin?



Alan B, Ian W


Any others add below...



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8 Banksi  
It looks like I'll be in on Sunday, I've arranged to play Saga with Alan, unless he gets his Warmachine army completed.

6 Che  
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smile Ah ha! Seems I can now log in on the laptop. Technology is a mystery and no mistake wacko At least I have a secret identity wink

7 RMcN  
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If you get a few more you could be Che Che ... Cha Cha Cha!! and throw in some dance moves.
biggrin biggrin surprised

5 Che  
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Don't know what's going on! Cyber confusion all over the place.

4 Che  
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This is Ian W under a new id, honest! Won't be in on Sunday surprised

3 Che  
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Hello, this Che (Ian W). I couldn't log in under my usual id so got another one! What a palaver just to let you know I won't be in on Sunday wacko

2 TheInvisibleGuy  
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Mainly addressed to Jamie S
that has been told about the AliExpress website - I have ordered a nice cheap Commander Shadowsun - $14.50 or £8.67 (cheap as chips). The Order Processing Time is 14 days, god knows how long the delivery time will be.. (at least 3 weeks i would assume as it is being delivered from CHINA, CHINA you ask? YEAH! CHINA!) Craig told me to be the lab rat on this one.. Here's hoping! B)

1 smurfy  
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hey guys wondering if there would be any takers on starting infinity the miniatures game sometime if u guys don't know what it is hop over to beasts of war on tube they do really good content on infinity.

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