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Main » 2020 » February » 16 » Wargames Session 23rd February 2020
Wargames Session 23rd February 2020

Club open 11am to 5pm in the Redburn Community centre. We are in the Redburn Community Centre in Irvine, Dickson Dr, Irvine KA12 9EW (Across from Irvine Royal, just south of Castle Park Road).

RPG - Pathfinder Stephen L  
     Mark H, Luke, Iain M, and?

BRS & Boardgame
     Howard, Philson, David, Ross, Andy L, Stephen B

Frost Grave    
   zellak, Ian W

     Alasdare, Stewart W, and?

     Graham? Sarah? Waltz?

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1 Morgoth   [Entry]
Not 100% sure if I'll be in this weekend ... Should know by Fri/Sat at the latest!

Question: Super Glue ... what do you use?

It's been a while since I've needed to fix a few metal figures that have lost arms, weapons, shields and the like, so I've been cleaning up the ones needed to be done, only to find my (3/4 qtrs full!) bottle of super glue has gone solid on me, ggaarrrgghhhh!!!

So, can anyone suggest a super glue that has a decent lid/applicator, so that I won't lose the majority of it just 'cause it's been sitting for the past 3 months ... Thanks, Walts

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2 RMcN   [Entry]
I would not recommend super glue - after a period of time it always drys up and becomes brittle anyway. I would recommend 2 part epoxy Araldite Rapid and needs held in place with blutac for 24 hours. The other choice I have tried recently is Hyper Tough super glue - suitable for larger gaps - it has worked well but don't expect it to last for ages. Generally I buy cheap super glue for small bits of work where weight strain will not be an issue.

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