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Main » 2015 » March » 15 » Wargames Session 22nd March 2015
6:48 PM
Wargames Session 22nd March 2015


We have moved from Parterre Hall and are now using the Volunteer Rooms.

Every Sunday from 11am - 5pm, At the Volunteers rooms in Irvine.


Please note we are open on the 29th of March but shut on the 5th April as it is the Easter Weekend!


Bolt Action 

Alan B, Ian B, Andy, Gerry? Stephen B?


Gang wars

Ross, Howard, zellak, Stephen B?, Ian W?



Iain M, Craig McC, Aidan, Philson



Various board/card games
William, Robert, Aragorn, Kevin,  Jamie S, Chris, & ??

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I won't be in tomorrow

I am afraid that I won't be in either, been ill half the week, sorry.

am not going to be in this Sunday, am in largs for a magic prerelease.

Anyone up for a game of 40k this weekend? Got a tyranids list I want to try out :-)

Just added loads of pictures of figures just finished and some I did over 20 years ago for Hero Quest (see Ross' figs under Fantasy), the ones without stars I bought as painted. Look for the cool Chaos Warriors, Chaos Sorcerer, the Gargoyle, and of course the Heroes! There is also new pics of an Orc Boyz on a bike under the 40K.

I have also added pics of the D&D figures Stephen is using of mine for Pathfinder - also under Fantasy figs.

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