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Main » 2014 » June » 15 » Wargames Session 22nd June 2014
Wargames Session 22nd June 2014

Gang Wars

zellak, Ian W, Ross, ...... howard ....

Followed by Saga or Space crusade. 


Destopian Wars - possible

Jamie S, Robert, Aragorn, Chris G, Stew W,  Walter?



Iain, Jamie McL, Craig, McC, Craig McD, Stephen



Arran, Aiden, Cameron, Stew P, CJ ?


Others TBA add below ...



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Total comments: 11
10 TheInvisibleGuy  
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Not that anyone cares, but i amended my gibberish comment about the phone charger.. just saying yeknow.. B)

11 Che  
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I care, IG. surprised

8 Che  
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Invoice for May/June has arrived. 9 lets = £313.20. Can you bring money in, Ross? Ta! Also got a letter re complaint we put in. Did anyone else get one? The one I got is written to "lessee" so I'm not sure if it's an answer to our combined bombardment! Anyhoo I'll show you all on Sunday.

9 RMcN  
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No letters back to me from council.

I'll put the money in the bag for Sunday.

5 Banksi  
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Gerry and I are playing Warmachine 35pts, Cryx v Menoth

2 Morgoth  
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Hi Guys

Looking for a game of Eldritch Horror, so need a couple of playa's!

>>> http://www.northayrshirewargamesclub.co.uk/forum/37-468-1

... Dare you strike against the new demi-god, Yig! ... Walts

3 zellak  
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Do you actually read this page before you post ????

7 Morgoth  
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Strangely enough, I do! wacko

Whilst I'm looking forward to playing Dystopian Wars in the furture, I won't have read the rules by Sunday, so am looking to play something else. As I'm going out Sat night, I'll be on my feet, so will be looking for a seat for the day and only be looking to play a boardgame,


1 zellak  
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NOT Howard, he has dropped out. ( so there is a spare gang ! ) happy

And there are now 2 free Turfs. biggrin

4 CMac  
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Can I try gang wars?

6 zellak  
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Sure smile ....though your profile says you are in Edinburgh.

Its a fair trek for a wargame. surprised

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