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Main » 2013 » April » 14 » Wargames Session 21st April 2013
Wargames Session 21st April 2013
zellak, Aragorn, Mark, Keir, Stewart W, ...Ian W?
Also talk over campaign ideas

Bolt Action
Gerry, Keiran, Alan B, Ian B

M&M or other
William, Stewart P, Chris G, Curtis, Jason, Aiden,, ... Kevin etc??

Ross, Roddy, Howard
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20 smurfy  
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HEY cool cool

13 philson  
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how many ponits am I playing with against mark?

14 zellak  
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3000 AP (army points)

2250 Assault force / 750 in reserve, same as Sunday.

16 philson  
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Are those figs max or the min amount of points?

17 Zealyot  
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it means that you make a 3000 point army but only deploy 2250 keeping 750 in reserve

18 philson  
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yes but is the 750 points the max or the min amount of points i can put into reserve?

19 zellak  
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2250 AP is the maximum you can field on turn 1.

So 750 AP is the minimum you should have off table.....( of course when playing a campaign game with a force that has been reduced to say maybe ? 2100 AP ??? ...then you would not have to keep anyone in reserve.

Remember you have to capture secondary objectives with your assault force in order to bring on the reserves. So you cannot put everyone in reserve , but there is no maximum AFAIK.

8 smurfy  
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10 Zealyot  
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Most of the support teams aren't, you need to get the cost for those from the Operation Frosbite book.

5 philson  
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thanks for the link z, but unfortully it hasnt ansererd my questions

how do you work out the support teams?
like points cost, unit com and all that
where can I find the rules to use support teams with sniper rifles?

where is the points cost for the other special weapons?

6 zellak  
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See Operation Frostbite in the downloads section of this website...under AT-43 resources.

All the support units and some new rules are in there.

7 philson  
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the link is not working when i click on it it comes up with a message say error 404 not found

9 zellak  
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You can download that from Scribd to.

3 philson  
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can some1 send me a pdf copy of the rulebook for at43 please

4 zellak  
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Hi Philson, here is a link to Scribd.

You can get it from here...and a few of the Army Books to. smile

2 Banksi  
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Roddy will be in and is looking for a game of Saga.

1 zellak  
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Mark to bring in and play Therians......versus Philson (using club UNA.) ???

Kieran to bring in Therians for Stewart W to play against Aragorn (using my ONI)

Keir looking for a game ....could Aiden bring in Karman to play against Che and the RB or Cogs ???....just a suggestion ????

11 Che  
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I'll bring something in, then. It'll be a surprise cool . If I don't hear different I'll bring in both armies but I'd rather only cart one or the other along ;)

12 zellak  
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Alan says he will bring in his Karmans for Keir. (Smurfy)

I have sent Smurfy a PM detailing his army list.

15 Che  
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Game on! Still don't know which army to use, but I'll figure it out. If Jamie S. is in he could play my army.

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