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Main » 2013 » January » 13 » Wargames Session 20th January 2013
Wargames Session 20th January 2013
WW 1 2 fat lardies aircraft fight
Gerry, Ian W, Ross, Howard, Alan B, + ...?

zellak, Mark (zellak to join WW 1 if mark not in)

Hero Quest
Jason, Kieran, Aiden, Rory

DC rpg, Magic, Destopian, or Heroclix
Stewart P, Stewart W, Chris, Kevin, William, Curtis, Jack, David

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9 Morgoth  
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Hi Guys ... Won't be in today, a load of b&%!sh#t works landed in my mailbox this morning ... Walts

6 zellak  
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Me and Nemesis are doing an AT-43 4'x4' game.

Who said i was down for WWI ??? wacko

7 RMcN  
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Who said i was down for WWI ???

Err you did when you left on Sunday! wacko

8 zellak  
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Must have had too much coffee.......... tongue

Anyway, looking forward to playing AT-43, first game of the new year.  happy

3 Nemesis  
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should be in -- haven't arranged anything else ... Mark

5 Che  
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Hi Nem,
Where the hell have you been. Missed ya! sad

1 Zealyot  
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If anyone else wants to join in with the Heroquest I could probably take another player or two :)(which probably would help Aiden survive a bit longer than last time :P )

2 Morgoth  
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Hi Zt ... I've not got anything planned this weekend, so I'd like to join in if that's OK? I've not played HQ forever, so you & the other guys will have to point me in the right direction, but not as monster fodder! wink ... Walts

4 Zealyot  
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Yeh that's fine, the more the merrier as they say biggrin
Trust me Walts the only monster fodder we've had so far is Aiden's Dwarf constantly drawing magical trap and monster cards from the treasure deck tongue

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