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Main » 2013 » May » 12 » Wargames Session 19th May 2013
Wargames Session 19th May 2013
Falkirk was a great show.

Rory took part in the painting competition and won!!
Have a look at his figure ...


Note Wappinshaw on 1st June at Glasgow Kelvin Hall!! So if you did not make Falkirk and Claymore in August in Edinburgh is too far - don't miss it.

zellak vs Keir / Philson vs Aiden / Mark vs Che

Bolt Action
Andy M, Gerry, Ian B, Alan B

Jamie S, Kevin J, Stew W, Aragorn, Chris G, William, + ...

Iain, Jamie McL, Craig, Rory, Keiran, +

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21 Nemesis  
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@Stew W -- can u bring the AT-43 books in for me

20 pavlov  
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Aidan's fine with that , so I only need to bring in Karman stuff


19 philson  
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Can some1 ask Aiden if he just wants to do some magic on Sunday instead of at43. thanks
iv got his number but for some unknown reasons its not sending any thing

17 zellak  
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No probs mate. biggrin

16 CMac  
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Philson just wondering, are you still bringing in that chaos codex for me to use on Sunday?

18 philson  
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yea no problem ill bring it

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Thanks for all the kind words guys, it is all greatly appreciated.
@Banksi, I'm actually working on an army commission ATM so those friends will have to wait their turn, and for a good number of years considering the size of the army biggrin
@Walts, thanks for then rep bonus smile

Thanks again guys,


12 Morgoth  
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Won't be in this weekend ... Walts

11 pavlov  
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I'm going to bring in Una for Hugh and Karman for Keir.


10 philson  
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Zellak am helping Aiden with 1 of his magic decks and then play testing it, that way you can use the clubs una first against keir if you want to do it that way, or ask some 1 to bring in some oni and get jack to play against keir?

8 Morgoth  
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Excellent piece of work, Cruz!

Well impressed with the detail in the face,
so have a Rep bonus on me ... Walts

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