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Main » 2009 » October » 9 » Wargames Session: 18th Oct 2009
4:38 AM
Wargames Session: 18th Oct 2009
D&D Drow Campaign 
   Dungeon Master: Hugh (Zellak) 
   Party Members: Ian, Ross, Peter, Howard, Stewart, Chris, Kevin, Derek & Gordon.

Warhammer 40K
1500 points 
Warmongers: Jamie, Jason, Rory, Ryan & Liam.

Walter (& Tom?)
Walter & ??? if Tom can't make it.

Blood Bowl: Quarter finals to be played ...
   Jason V Ross to be replayed after a 2 - 2 draw;
   Kieran and Liam to play;
   Derek and Jamie through to semi-finals.

Any others wanting to do something please get in touch!
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12 gerrywithaG  
Hi Balrog,

I'm afraid it is that Alan. Think he's hoping to be in the following Sunday


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11 Big-G  
hugh says you can join in the DnD, if u want

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10 gerrywithaG  
Spoke To Alan this evening. He's not going to make it this week. sad Can somebody update the planner for Sunday 18th October



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8 gerrywithaG  

beat me to the punch there tongue

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9 Big-G  
Not fast you're last!

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7 gerrywithaG  

Contact Great Escape Games direct. Website is

They have an online shop and a very good website and forum. Really friendly, so much so that feedback provided by us led to an official change in the errata concerning the use of smoke that they have as a download from their site.

Gordon, don't know how to make the link work from my posting to it wacko



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6 Big-G  
Its Published by great escape games heres thier online store entry for it;

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5 Big-G  
ok, You playing RoE?

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4 Big-G  
Walter you not Coming?

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1 Big-G  
I will be able to attend! really looking forward to it! smile

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2 gerrywithaG  
Oohh.... Like a kid in a sweetie shop!!! biggrin biggrin

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3 Big-G  
I am a (really) big kid! biggrin

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