Wargames session 16th March 2014 - 9 March 2014 - North Ayrshire Wargames Club

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7:45 PM
Wargames session 16th March 2014

Saga - looking for 2 more players

Howard, Ross, Walter, ??


Craig McD, Craig McC, Iain, Jamie


William, Stew W, Chris, Aragorn, ?


Aidan, Stew P, CJ, Cameron, ??


Ian W, zellak

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3 zellak   (13-Mar-2014 11:29 PM)
Thanks ...British will be okay.... smile

Ian bringing in his HotT ACW, i am bringing in Flintloque and maybe Gang Wars.

4 RMcN   (16-Mar-2014 7:20 AM)
I have 15mm Confederates ACW looked out as well.

1 zellak   (09-Mar-2014 7:49 PM)
To Ross...

Could me and Ian borrow some 15mm Napoleonics ?

2 RMcN   (13-Mar-2014 10:53 PM)
I only have British and some Austrian, need to ask Walter for French. But I can bring mine in.

You might try Howard he might have some French.

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