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Main » 2013 » June » 9 » Wargames Session 16th June 2013
Wargames Session 16th June 2013
Bolt Action
Gerry, zellak, Alan B, Mark, Keir

Britannia board game
Howard, Ian W, Ross, Walter

Rory, Keiran

William, Aragorn, Jamie S, Chris G, Robert, Stew W + ??

Stew P, David +??
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21 philson  
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To all magic players, banksi has move the thread for the tourney to the board and card games forum

17 CMac  
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I don't know if Im going to be doing 40k on Sunday ( Jamie and Iain ) my mind is sort of swaying towards playing magic ( ill bring my models incase you want to play with them ( or if I change my mind smile ))

16 zellak  
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Could players involved in the AT-43 campaign, check this thread.


And arrange their games in the next few weeks.

Thanks. smile

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@Kieran: Just to say it looks as if I will be definitely in this Sunday. Also, can you make sure your Dad knows to bring in the £8 for his Aun'shi ethereal. Thanks. biggrin

15 Zealyot  
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Good Good, Andy Miligan is letting me borrow his Welsh battle board and dice so we can both use them.
I'll make sure my dad has the money dont worry biggrin

12 Morgoth  
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Hi Guys ... It's unlikely that I'll be in on Sunday ... Walts

14 RMcN  
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Pity was looking forward to Britannia sad

I will get Howard to bring Axes or something else in for 3 player.

18 Morgoth  
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Soz Ross, it's my b'day and friends have offered to treat me too some FREE grub! ... Walts

19 Che  
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Another year! Where do they all go tongue

20 Che  
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Can't we play with three? sad Maybe someone else will join in. smile

9 CMac  
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I think my brother Cameron is going to come in and give the club a try on Sunday, he said he wants to try out magic. Is it ok if he uses a deck of yours philson?

10 philson  
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yea I can sort him out with 1

11 CMac  
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Thanks, could you also teach him a bit while I'm doing 40k with Iain? (I might join in when I finish 40k)

7 philson  
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would our magic players please observe the forum, as I have made a thread detailing the up coming draft tourney that's in the making

6 Morgoth  
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Hi Guys ... Can u confirm that this is the rules for Britannia ...

>>> http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_con....les.pdf

... I'll need to readup on them ... Thanks, Walts

8 zellak  
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It looks like a new version.

Though having skimmed through it, the rules look the same as the version we have.

There are bound to be one or two rule changes somewhere.

4 smurfy  
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btw if all the guys are playing bolt action next week i might give the AT-43 a miss cool cool cool cool cool cool cool

3 TheInvisibleGuy  
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Guess? wink

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