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Main » 2014 » July » 6 » Wargames session 13th July 2014
8:08 PM
Wargames session 13th July 2014


Craig McC, Jamie McL, Craig McD, Iain, Stephen 


Bolt Action with AT43

Ian W, zellak



Ian B V Gerry, (Alan B observing)


Space Crusade in the open

Ross, Howard, Stewart P



CJ, Aidan, Cameron, Arron, & ??



Jamie S, Aragorn, Chris G, William, &??


Add below ....


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Also Craig McClymont wanted to join in with Space Crusade as Eldar. Is there any space for him? biggrin

Yes he can play Eldar in space crusade - just remember this is pre-40K. It is very simple, the Eldar though have slightly more to think about as the Exarch cards affect him and the squad. But it will only take a few minutes to get on with the rules. If he wants to use his own figures he only needs a leader and 5 warriors, usually 2 with heavy weapons.

I'll pass it on then smile Thanks cool

Hey guys, just to say while on holiday I have bought quite a few things for warmachine and would love a game of it in the near future (a semi introductory game as I have had no real in game experience, but know my ins and outs) smile

Would you be up for a 2v2 in 40k? You, me, Iain and Stephen teams would be picked or randomed. Please say yes, you would be able to do your Warmachine game next week as we all based our 40k game around you actually joining in? cool

What army(s) do you have?

I've Khador & Cygnar at the mo ... enough for 50pt battles. AND, the coolest of all, some Merc's with Magnus the Traitor! The other guys have Menoth, Cyrx and ??? So there's plenty of armies to mash about!


I have khador, enough to make 35 points right now biggrin

35pts is the level we have set for games at the moment.

Are you doing Warmachine i take it?... cool

As I have said to you already I will not be in on Sunday Jamie as I have just come back from my holiday, I had said in the near future not the present. I'm just looking for a little break from the usual.

Can I add that Tom was also up for playing Warmachine this week.

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