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Main » 2014 » April » 6 » Wargames session 13th April 2014
Wargames session 13th April 2014

Gang Wars

zellak, Stephen, ...



40K 2 v 2

Craig McD, Craig McC, Iain, Jamie



Game of Thrones

Keir, Ross, Rory, Walter, Howard, Stew P




Stew W, Chris, Aragorn, ...




Aidan, Cameron


This is our last weekend before off on Sunday the 20th!!!

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15 TheInvisibleGuy  
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What a cheat! There would be no fun in it if i never made the snow myself :o

16 smurfy  
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u asked me how to do it and i gave you an honest answer that in my experience works well i didn't say that you would like it simply that it is an option sad sad sad sad sad sad sad

17 TheInvisibleGuy  
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I was only joking haha, calm the ham B)

19 smurfy  
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no offence take m80 cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool

13 Morgoth  
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... and there's a couple of expansions! ...

>>> http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_mi....&esem=2

... go on, u know u want them!!! wink


11 TheInvisibleGuy  
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Argh, I really do need a tad of advice on this. I am trying to give the effect of Snow of some of my Fire Warriors bases, so i tried Polystyrene but even 1 bit (Which looks small to us) was bigger than the poor guys foot (Hoof). Anyone got any ideas on how i could achieve my desired basing effect?

Thanks in Advance

12 Morgoth  
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Hi TiG

Having based some of my (WarMachine) Khador's many moons ago, I used uTube tutorials for ideas ...

... I had to do a bit of experimental first myself to be happy with the overall effects, but as the guy says in the vid, buy cheap stuff and you can cover a mountain!


14 TheInvisibleGuy  
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Thanks smile SO PVA glue, White Acrylic paint and Baking Soda! biggrin This will be very useful - Thanks

18 TheInvisibleGuy  
0 Spam
Oh god.. here i go biggrin I'll show you what i managed to get on Sunday.. cool

20 Morgoth  
0 Spam
You know, looking at some of the models, I don't think I used soda ... maybe some old sawdust or something ... but they came out OK. Just bosch some white paint in the mix and it will look good! ... Walts

21 TheInvisibleGuy  
1 Spam
I sliced those fecking Polystyrene balls up like nobody's business, then i covered them in the powdery, painty, glu'e mixture and covered the base in it too.. They look not half bad :D cool

22 Morgoth  
0 Spam
Good job! A little bit of imagination goes a long way!!!

Who's to say snow is the same on the other side of the MultiVerse ... Walts

23 TheInvisibleGuy  
0 Spam
I like that haha, they look good but a little inconsistant tongue See ya tomorrow

10 RMcN  
0 Spam
Added new photos of my completed Painting in March.

Please take a look.

Now working through the extra Elves that I completed for Rory's High Elves - but these mine!!

9 Che  
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The bill's been paid.

7 zellak  
0 Spam

AT-43 campaign update.

..................................click above link to the forum

Opinions from all players welcome. smile

5 Morgoth  
0 Spam
Hi Keir

Why do u need six players?

The games for 3 - 6 warlords ... see page 28 of the rules for setup & info,


6 smurfy  
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yeah but with 5 one player can mop up all the neutral factions towards the absent house making it a very very short game with 4 or it works great but 5 seems to be slightly unbalanced cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool

8 Morgoth  
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Ahhhh, I seeeeee ... said the blind priest giving hot soup to the Frankenstein monster! wink ... Walts

3 mcbale  
0 Spam
If I'm in I'll play.

4 smurfy  
0 Spam
cool cool just pm or reply when u know for sure m80 cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool

1 Morgoth  
0 Spam
Hi Guys

I'm going to join in with Gang Wars as I missed the last game. This will keep the treachery level down a smidge for your GoT's game! wink


2 smurfy  
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oh i am sure people will find a way cool cool cool cool cool cool

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