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Main » 2013 » May » 5 » Wargames Session 12th May 2013
Wargames Session 12th May 2013
zellak, Ian W

Tom, Keir

40 K
Iain, Jamie McL, Craig

Saga or board game
Ross, Howard + ??

William, Chris, Aragorn, Stew W, +???

Magic the Gathering
Curtis, Aiden, Stew P + ???

WWII buildings construction -  Alan B
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Total comments: 17
17 Nemesis  
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quick note to say I'll be in

13 smurfy  
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should take not make lol lol biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin

12 smurfy  
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does anyone know toms username
just wondering how many pts i should make

15 RMcN  
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Sailor Tom!! Well he is called Tom and in the Navy!;)

9 Morgoth  
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Hi Guys ... I'll be in on Sunday and happy for a game (well, to learn ... never played!) of Saga and/or boardgames? I'd managed to pick up a copy of the Elder Sign game a while ago ...

>>> Elder Sign

... and have played a handful of times. It's pretty easy to play and the 20 page handbook keeps it simple, so it's an ideal game for me! wink ... Walts

10 RMcN  
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Looks good, Howard and I will be free to join.

Easier to do board game after Falkirk show.


14 Morgoth  
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One thing ... the game doesn't last long ... usually about a couple of hours with the usual tea breaks. Here's a quick uTube demo of the game ...

>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krMnzY6tGWw

... which shows the basics. Maybe have a think on another boardgame for the day as well?

16 RMcN  
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No problem Howard was planning on bringing in board games anyway.

4 smurfy  
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not that i know of although i have only really used gw gloss

2 smurfy  
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yeah m80 if it uses acrilyic paint gw varnish will do though it gives a shine effect

3 Morgoth  
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Thanks Smurfy. I'm not too keen on "shiny" paint jobs, but that might not be a problem with my sea monster! Is there ever a happy medium with varnishes - matt or gloss seem to be the usual suspects? ... Walts

5 Zealyot  
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The only kind of "happy medium" I've seen is to first coat it with gloss varnish and then go over it with a coat of matt varnish to bring the shine down happy

6 RMcN  
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Yeah, thats the way. Gloss varnish gives strength. Matt varnish to dull it down - makes it look more like satin varnish. I use Winsor and Newton Matt varnish - no worries of white bits in grooves you can get in poorer Matt varnishes. You can order online thru' Shopatron (since my art store stopped selling it). Best to make sure storage is best you can to protect delicate bits. biggrin

8 Morgoth  
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Thanks for that Ross! smile

One thing, what's the web address for Shopatron? Just Googled and came up with a load of cack? ... Walts

11 RMcN  
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I believe I did a search for Winsor and Newton suppliers, then Shopatron found the shop and got it sent to me. The stuff came from Pullingers art shop, 18 high Street, Epsom. Arrived within 2 days of order at £3.29 P&P. Shopatron website http://www.shopatron.com. biggrin

7 Morgoth  
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Thanks for that Z! smile

1 Morgoth  
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Hi Guys ... I'm looking for a bit of advice in protecting my Dystopian War models from the paint chipping, and help strengthen the tentacles (metal) attached to the Ika Squids resin body. I've superglued them togther, but maybe a good varnish of some kind would do the job?

Here's the Ika model to show what needs protecting ... Ika Mechanical Squid

PM or post below, thanks! ... Walts

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