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Main » 2012 » August » 6 » Wargames Session: 12th August, 2012
Wargames Session: 12th August, 2012
   DM: Chris
   Players: Martin, Jason, Aiden & Chris Gordon
   GM: Kevin
   Players: zellak, IanW, JamieS & JamesP
Boardgame: "Chaos in the Old World" or Kings of War
   Decision on what they are doing to be sorted out this week:
   Kieran, Stewart P, Curtis, Rory
WWII: Ain't Been Shot Mum (to be confirmed if Gerry in)
   IanB, AlanB, Gerry & Ross
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16 zellak  
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James Pittaro wont be in this Sunday.

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sorry didn't know that, my bad, see you sunday, looking forward to it.


13 philson  
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there is 2 spaces left cause theres is the 4 chaos gods and the skaven expasion sets as well.

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There is only one philson, I'm playing as well smile unless you or curtis sit out the first game and let some one else have a shot then rotate it round.

Cruz biggrin

11 philson  
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Heads up folks kieran will not be in, the man has to study for uni! so there is space for 2 more players for chaos in the old world if any 1s interseted myself and curtis are still up for it.

Jamie: if your going to be in do you want me to bring in the eldar stuff for you to look at them?

8 p1fx  
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Mongoose Traveller or Classic Traveller?

10 zellak  
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Classic (High Guard was on one of the books i think)

14 p1fx  
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High Guard is BB2, sourcebook for the navy characters. I have the Mongoose version of it. There is not that much diff between classic and mongoose tbh.

7 p1fx  
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Oh Traveller, very interesting, a new campaign? What setting?

6 pavlov  
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I have the rules and cards but no 20mm krauts or terrain.


9 RMcN  
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Banksi is Ok to do Confrontation with you.

Do that I will do something else.

4 zellak  
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Kieran is in .......is it not possible for him to get the cards from Gerry midweek ?

If not , we can always use another crewman in Traveller. happy

5 RMcN  
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Its not just the cards, I'm not sure if Banksi or Alan have the rules.

Also although I have played it at Gerry's Alan and Banksi have had pnly a few games a while ago.

If they are OK with confrontation I will do something else.

3 RMcN  
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Find myself at a loss for next 2 weekends.

Now either traveller or something with Tom.

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