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5:31 PM
Wargames session 11th may 2014

Falkirk Carronade 2014 Saturday 10th May!!


Eldritch Horror / Lords of Waterdeep  

Howard, Ross, Walter, Ian W, can take more players



Keir, zellak


Hero Quest - DM Stewart P

Jamie, Craig McC, Craig McD, Iain



Aiden, Cameron



Jamie S, Stew W, Chris, Aragorn, Robert, William

Gerry, Alan B, Tom


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7 smurfy   (10-May-2014 2:08 PM)
does anybody know alan username because he is brining in an army for me to use tomorrow and i don't want him to think i was wasting his time

8 zellak   (10-May-2014 3:18 PM)
He will prolly see this....but i will send him an e-mail in case he doesn't.

6 smurfy   (10-May-2014 2:07 PM)
sorry guys but can't come in tomorrow cause i need to study for chemistry exam on monday i will be back in next sunday however sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad

9 zellak   (10-May-2014 4:51 PM)
We can play it next week...unless you have another exam ?

5 RMcN   (05-May-2014 1:56 PM)
Added some pictures of High Elves done and terrain built, and our Saga game on Sunday Anglo-Danes V Pagan Rus. Please have a look. biggrin

3 zellak   (05-May-2014 10:28 AM)
And remember not to spend all the dosh...keep a fiver for Gerry wink ....he has promised the club his spare copy of Sgt. Borz.

( for the club UNA army... AT-43)

2 zellak   (05-May-2014 10:23 AM)
Could you get some more of those dice in the clubs dice tin ?

There are pink/purple/green/yellow dice which we use in Gang Wars for activation, some different colours, but the same size and shape would be good. happy
( you and Howard were using them playing Saga yesterday )

So that more than 4 players can participate in Gang Wars..... cool

1 RMcN   (04-May-2014 5:40 PM)
Looking to go to Falkirk Carronade and get some stuff for the club, thought to look out for some generic SciFi terrain; crates, barrels etc or bits to enhance buildings. Spoke to the heroclix guys and will look out for old D&D / Star Wars / Herolcix battle mats for them. Might be nice to get 2 more 4ground small Saga buildings. How about WWII 4 ground buildings? I would say we have around £150 to spend, and still waiting to hear of this years price hike for rent in April / May.

Should be getting another free week soon in any case.

4 Morgoth   (05-May-2014 12:22 PM)
Maybe get some pieces of SciFi wall terrain? Odd junk pieces for SciFi games sounds like a good idea ... 40k, Gang Wars, WarMachine. Tablemats for X-Wing, Firestorm Armada, Dystopian Wars (sea) perhaps?

What about some boardgames ... anything worth getting? Pathfinder (Rise of the Runelords) is something everyone can play. Eclipse, X-Wing as some others.

Maybe look out for some other AT43 armies on the cheap, and UNA models to beef up the ones the club already has?

Whatever you get, it's all good!


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