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6:08 PM
Wargames Session 10th November 2013
Judge Dredd - Jamie Swaffer
William, Kevin J, Robert, Aragron, and intends quick games to let others have a go. Let him know if interested (through email).

Dark Heresy
Ian M, Aidan, Stew P, Craig McD

40K possible
Craig McC, Jamie McL

Del, Chris G

Howard, Ross, Alan B (if Gerry not in), Walter (to comfirm)

Ian B, zellak, Ian W (if Ian B in)

Wings of War
zellak, Ian W, Alan B and others at end of day
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5 Morgoth   (09-Nov-2013 12:03 PM)
Soz Guys, not going to be in after-all.

Got some friends coming over from "The Rock"
on a weekend pass! wink


6 RMcN   (09-Nov-2013 1:40 PM)
I've been thinking you should change your Avatar name to

Hokey Cokey!!

He's in, He's out, He's in, He's out shake it all about!!

7 Morgoth   (09-Nov-2013 5:11 PM)
The pressures of being popular! wink ... but seriously, as my buds up for a game of BA and offered too give me a hand with getting my Gerry's assembled, it's a no brainer ... AND he usually brings me some can's of stout! biggrin ... War, drink ... but where are the babes sad

Maybe next week guys ... Walts

PS: Check out my scenery I've been working on ...

>>> http://www.northayrshirewargamesclub.co.uk/photo....31

... Looking forward to bringing it along for some BA at the Irvine club!

3 Banksi   (08-Nov-2013 8:45 AM)
Are your sure we are on this Sunday it is Armistice day?[color=orange]

4 RMcN   (08-Nov-2013 7:55 PM)
YIP, we have had the club on before on the same day on previous years. The Irvine cross is usually railed off, and sometimes parking used up in Volunteer Rooms. But we are still on.

2 Che   (06-Nov-2013 12:40 PM)
Bill paid. We will be open until 22nd December and then back in the New Year! Yikes, is it that close? surprised

1 Morgoth   (05-Nov-2013 0:20 AM)
Hi Guys

I'll be in on Sunday for SAGA. I'm happy to have a couple of games to get some practice in,

Thanks, Walts

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