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Main » 2014 » August » 3 » Wargames session 10th August 2014
7:51 PM
Wargames session 10th August 2014

X-wing - huge game

Alan B, Ian B




Ian W, zellak, Keir, & ?




Kieran,  Stewart P, Craig McC, & ?



Batman Battles / Dread Fleet

Jamie S, Stew W, William, Aragorn, Kevin?, Robert?




Iain Mc, Jamie McL, Craig McD?



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Gods fine


hey i wont be in on Sunday, away with my dad

sent you a pm.....something on e-bay you were looking for a while ago.

I've got something that I might need a bit of help for, I've ordered a Riptide and wish to magnetize it's main and secondary weapons (A really big gun and two really small ones). I have not got a Scooby as to what I can do. Not a clue what so ever. So now that I have cleared up that I am a haddie would anyone be able to help me magnetize the weapons for it? I realise that I would have to buy the magnets ect, but any help that I could receive would be greatly appreciated. biggrin cool

Alan B would be able to help, and Rory has just done this on his Tau. Pity you did not seriously consider this when at Claymore. Remember when I pointed out the Magnetic Displays super magnets!!


C'est la vie, and I was not prepared to buy those magnets anyway. I only really desire to magnetize the Riptide so I only requre a small amount of magnets. What is Alan's name on the website? B)

The magnets aren't expensive, you can get 50 for around £3

The ones at Claymore were some amount more expensive, but it is good to know that i can get them quite cheap. cool

For the guys playing space crusade, I was talking to Craig about doing a bit of mordhiem this weekend, while the others are away, what do you all think?

Just a message to Zellak, for the 40k Campaign that you were talking about would it be possible for you to drop the "non-painted = 2x the points" aspect. Although I still think that the models have to be properly built ect, the two Craig's won't be able to paint up a full 1200 army in less than a month. It's only a campaign for fun anyway, no prizes at the end unfortunately smile And for it to be fun for me it would be that my friends were able to play in it with me smile The Eldar Craig said that he won't be able to paint it up, and the Chaos Craig won't be able to either. They would have had to get a head start which they didn't get. Even if you were to just let them off this one time, if the double points rule still stands they won't bother joining in due to the unfair disadvantage they would recieve - Let me know what you think biggrin cool

Here is a link....better to take this out of the message page. cool

Since alan doesnt think he will have his Warmachine army finished for sunday, I suggested we play a huge game of X-wing, the normal battle is 100pts a side but i'm sure we can manage 300-400pts a side. So if anyone is interested let me know

Added pictures of Howard's Space Orcs just finished. Also a figure I painted way back in 1987!!

Please check them out.


Kier is our third player for AT-43.

Room for one more player.......

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