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Our last Sunday 2013!!

Merry Xmas folks - nibbles and soft drinks available on the club on our last Sunday.

See you there if you can make it.

We return 5th Jan 2014!!!


Ross, Alan B, Howard, + ??


Craig McC, Craig McD, Iain, Jaime, +??

Eldritch Horror

Walter, zellak, Ian W, Stew W, Chris, Ronnie


Aidan, Stew P, Cameron, and others

Many more to confirm if in and say what they are doing.

Views: 536 | Added by: RMcN | Date: 15-Dec-2013 | Comments (2)

Ronin and Saga
Ian B, Alan B, Howard, &?

Judge Dredd or other
Jamie Swaffer, Aragorn, William, &?

Craig McD, Craig McC, Iain

Heroclix or other
Stewart W, Chris, Aidan, Cameron &?

Eldritch Horror - looking for players
Walter, Ross, & ?

Painting tutorial from Ross
Jamie McL
Views: 689 | Added by: RMcN | Date: 08-Dec-2013 | Comments (9)

Judge Dredd
Jamie Swaffer, Howard, + ??

Stew P, Aidan, Cameron

40 K
Iain, Craig McC, Craig McD, Jamie McL

Heroclix or card game
Chris G, Del, Ronnie, Stew W

Eldritch Horror

Walter - looking for 3 more players!!

Saga or something else
Alan B, Ross, &??
Views: 570 | Added by: RMcN | Date: 01-Dec-2013 | Comments (3)

Judge Dredd - Jamie Swaffer
William, Aragorn, Kevin, Howard et all

Stew P, Aidan, Cameron

Craig McD, Craig McC, Iain M

AT43 tutorial zellak
Jamie McL, Ian W

Saga or Ronin - to be confirmed which or both
Ross, Alan B, Ian B, Howard

Heroclix / board games
Chris G, Ronnie, Del, + ??

Views: 500 | Added by: RMcN | Date: 24-Nov-2013 | Comments (8)

At43 - trench warfare trial!!
zellak, Ian W

Ross, Walter, Howard, Alan B, Aragorn (trying out Vikings), + anyone else?

Heroclix  or boardgame from Stew W
Chris, Stew W, William, Del

Craig McD, Iain, Craig McC

Cameron McD, Aidan, Stew P.
Views: 516 | Added by: RMcN | Date: 17-Nov-2013 | Comments (9)

Judge Dredd Jamie Swaffer
William, Howard, Aragorn, Dominic+
Stew W, Chris G, +

Dark Heresy
Stew P, Craig McD, Craig McC, Aidan, Iain M,

15mm Hordes or Kings of War
Ian W, Ross, +
Views: 488 | Added by: RMcN | Date: 10-Nov-2013 | Comments (4)

Judge Dredd - Jamie Swaffer
William, Kevin J, Robert, Aragron, and intends quick games to let others have a go. Let him know if interested (through email).

Dark Heresy
Ian M, Aidan, Stew P, Craig McD

40K possible
Craig McC, Jamie McL

Del, Chris G

Howard, Ross, Alan B (if Gerry not in), Walter (to comfirm)

Ian B, zellak, Ian W (if Ian B in)

Wings of War
zellak, Ian W, Alan B and others at end of day
Views: 547 | Added by: RMcN | Date: 03-Nov-2013 | Comments (7)

zellak, Ian B, Ian W

Del, William, Aragorn, Chris G

Craig McD, Craig McC, Jamie

Stewart P, Aidan, Cameron, ?

Ross, Howard
Views: 549 | Added by: RMcN | Date: 27-Oct-2013 | Comments (5)

AT-43 Maranos Campaign ( week 2 )

Battle at the Spaceport, Red Blok ( Che ) vs ONi ( McBale )

Others to be arranged.
Views: 761 | Added by: zellak | Date: 22-Oct-2013 | Comments (10)

To be arranged.

Banksi , Alan B, Roderick and Howard.

Bolt Action.

So what are you guys up to this week ?

please comment below.  :)
Views: 590 | Added by: zellak | Date: 15-Oct-2013 | Comments (10)

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