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WH 40k 4th editon
BanksiDate: Wednesday, 11-Jun-2014, 13:22:16 | Message # 1
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After a few discussions about 40k and wanting to use the multitude of figure, models etc that we already have.

A suggestion was made to go back in time with the rules.

We all remember playing 40k quite a bit and it seems that 4th edition is the most popular with the least amount of broken bits in the rules.

So The suggestion is we play 40k using 4th edition and the codex's linked to it

I do realise that stops the use of some of the latest GW mega winningest superduper stuff but for the sake of being able to play 40k again it will be worth it for a lot of people.

There is another bonus as the cost of buying these rules books and codex's is a lot cheaper than the GW latest productions, I got the rules, and 2 codex's for £3.

Whats your thoughts? Interested in playing? Lets us know!

Below is a link to the codex's that can be used with 4th edition


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ZealyotDate: Wednesday, 11-Jun-2014, 17:23:54 | Message # 2
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I'd be more than happy with that because I've still got all the codex's for what I've got (why would you ever throw away good rulebooks tongue )
the other thing i like about 4th ed is the killteam rules that are in the back of the rule book (these where the main reason I kept the book in the first place)

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zellakDate: Wednesday, 11-Jun-2014, 18:48:09 | Message # 3
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Best of luck talking Crusad3r out of all the new powers the Tau got in 6th edition. wink

Added (11-Jun-2014, 5:48 PM)

These would be much better......all those Xenos scum would get the kicking they deserve.

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Arrrrgh ! ...just went back in time to 2003. tongue

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BanksiDate: Wednesday, 11-Jun-2014, 20:09:14 | Message # 4
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I think the general consensus is that the present rules are well and truly broken and the added cost of buying the new 7th edition is just playing into GW's grubby greedy hands.

It's still just a suggestion. I only posted to see if there was interest out there for a little time travel.

OK, 4th edition and it's adjoining codex's have no knights, flyers and very few power player units etc, if you want to play them then keep playing 6th edition.

Of course I know your name, it's your face I can't remember - Parahandy
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