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Grand Plans for 2011
zellakDate: Monday, 20-Dec-2010, 20:31:40 | Message # 1
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So people.

What are the plans for the coming year ?

I hope to finish the AT-43 Operation Frostbite campaign with Ian and Gerry.

I can see my Drow campaign also finish late next year. (or maybe later ninja )

And i hope to see a Modern Spearhead campaign up and running at some point.
Or try out some other modern rules if they dont turn out to be to everyones taste.

i want to get in another few games of our club's fine Flintloque rules "Viva Las Diegos !!!"

What about you guys ?

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CheDate: Saturday, 29-Jan-2011, 19:01:07 | Message # 2
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[b]Seeing as how I've just seen this thread, sorry for not putting in two penn'orth earlier.

I hope to finish the AT-43 campaign and maybe start a new one with more players. Or not.

Would like to try a 'magic in the modern world' RPG but not sure as there are a lot of RPG's being run at the moment.

Wargamers like to paint their privates!!
Dead_OneDate: Saturday, 29-Jan-2011, 19:57:07 | Message # 3
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magic in modern world sounds good, have been trying to figure out a warehouse 13 based rpg for a little while, got some gurps rules that might suit, but need to print em out. would like to try a 1st edition d&d game again sometime, maybe my other campaign with some differnet players, or a new one, or someone else doing a heroic adventure bit, dunno, like you say, a lot of differnet games going on atm.
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