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Gang Wars : Bank Heist
zellakDate: Sunday, 12-Jul-2015, 17:42:51 | Message # 1
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Hi Che. happy

I have a few ideas about how to balance this scenario.

First of all we have to look at the objective.....to get the loot off the table.
The gang will come out the bank's front door and head for any table edge to escape.

If playing on a 4' x 4' table, with the front door of the bank in the centre of the table, this means the gang moving at 12" a turn, will escape in two ( most likely 3 ) turns.

So enough police have to turn up in the first 3 turns to make the game "interesting".

I think we need a delay mechanism to prevent all the gang coming out the bank in turn 1.

First Draft;

Objective ; to escape the table with the loot from the bank. ( Loot = 1d6+1 bonus cards for players Deck )

Set up ; The bank's front door is in the centre of a 4' x 4' table. Players set up table for aesthetic taste.

Half the gang (rounded up ) are in the Bank. The rest of the gang are outside ( possibly in the getaway car ?????? )

The Police player sets up his forces 2 APC each with 4 officers, 2 Cars each with 2 officers, 4 pairs of officers on foot. Total 20 officers.

The dice bag; 8 police activations, no random event activation, and an activation die for each gangster as normal.

Police Stats. (use clubs UNA and my diecast APC )

APC ; 12 Wounds / 4 Armour / Move 12" / 2 red HtH / 4 red ( AT missile )....if vehicle is destroyed all passengers take 2 red, de-bus and are pinned. ( APC Kool 1+ cool )

APC officers are ; Psycho / 4 wounds / 1 Armour / move 6" / 2 white HtH / shoot as Gangsters. / Kool 3+

Patrol car (Getaway car ) ; 4 Wounds / 2 Armour / Move 12" / 2 red HtH

Other officers ; SprayGun / 4 wounds / 1 Armour / move 6" / 2 white HtH / shoot as Gangsters with SprayGun combat style. / Kool 3+

Special Rules.

1 / All Gangsters pass all tests for wounds and half Gang being killed, but test for pinning as normal.

2 / If a patrol car or APC blocks a road exit from the table edge, then a Getaway car may not use this exit or table edge.

3 / Gangsters with the Sewer Rat Combat Style may use an activation to escape down a Manhole they are in contact with.....but not if they have the Loot.

Activating ;
Gangsters in the Bank Roll to exit the bank, they are successful on 5+ on 1d6, this costs 2 activations, Gangster is placed touching the front door.
Gangsters outside the Bank can activate as normal.
Police activate on a 5+ on 1d6, Police player places the team on a random selected edge, players choice of location on that edge. This costs 2 activations.
Deployed Police can activate as normal next turn.

Any opinions / ideas ?

Added (12-Jul-2015, 4:42 PM)
Update after 3 bank jobs played today......

Activations :

Police APC + 4 cops activate on a 6

Other Police activate on a 5+

Gangsters in the Bank activate on a 4+
One activation is used to exit the building, the Gangster in contact with the door, then extra activation(s) are taken.

As Police dice are taken out the bag, they must first be allotted to units not yet activated before being allotted to units on the table from previous turns.

This gives more chance for the Gangsters to get a Turn before getting surrounded by Police.

Police Kool changed to 5+

Message edited by zellak - Tuesday, 07-Jul-2015, 09:53:48

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CheDate: Sunday, 12-Jul-2015, 18:50:06 | Message # 2
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Sorry for not reading this prior to playing the game. cry I have now printed off the original and the amendments so we should be sorted biggrin cool

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