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Was looking through a cupboard.....
Dead_OneDate: Friday, 10-Sep-2010, 16:34:47 | Message # 1
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And found my old games collection. If there's anything here anyone wants to play or whatever, i'm happy to bring em along sometime.
Cloak and dagger
Blood bowl 1st edition
Judge dread rpg
Valley of the 4 winds
Chaos marauders
Warhammer rpg
Tunnels and trolls
Boot hill
Star frontiers
Basic d&d (blue book approx 1978)
Ad&d 1st edition, also some 2nd edition stuff.
Is a load of ad&d modules also, inc. rod of 7 parts or something, never played it.

Am happy to run a d&d game if needed anytime, i have a few campaigns lying around, i tend to run a rule set loosley based on 1st edition, but prefer the story to go well, so sometimes i use dm discretion to keep things flowing:-)
Let me know if any of these are any use.

zellakDate: Friday, 10-Sep-2010, 17:38:09 | Message # 2
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I would be interested to read the AD&D modules (for ideas)...but not if you are thinking of running them.

And am interested in Star Frontiers, have you ever run it ?

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CheDate: Friday, 10-Sep-2010, 20:34:25 | Message # 3
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It's surprising what you find in/under/behind things. I fancy Star Frontiers. I've never heard of it but anything SciFi is OK with me. Boot Hill also sounds interesting. Now where's my six shooter?

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