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A look into the future...
CRUSAD3RDate: Tuesday, 07-Aug-2012, 21:06:38 | Message # 1
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Stumbled upon this website and thought it looked cool. It was made to show what google may unleash as an upgrade for there glasses that they made a while back. It's quite scary that the programmers would have that much power and how bland but good our lives would be. Please post your views if need be:


Totally not wargame related but sci-fi related.


'Cowards die many times before their actual deaths,' Augustus Gaius Julius C├ęsar.
zellakDate: Tuesday, 07-Aug-2012, 21:43:42 | Message # 2
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Nice find biggrin

Have a rep bonus.

Cyberpunk rools. dry

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MorgothDate: Tuesday, 07-Aug-2012, 23:28:13 | Message # 3
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I pray for the days that "Lawnmower Man" comes .... blink huh ohyes huh blink ... Walts

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RMcNDate: Wednesday, 08-Aug-2012, 10:08:34 | Message # 4
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Yeah I was just thinking the same seen in old classic movies - the young think this idea new.

But we have seen though Sci-Fi books and films in the past what is actually becomming Science fact.

I suspect implants in the head with glasses will be first though, who will be first Apple or Microsoft?
CheDate: Wednesday, 08-Aug-2012, 19:59:48 | Message # 5
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Call me old fashioned but I find it slightly disturbing. What will happen to the human spirit? Are we going to rely on technology for everything? You can only get your kicks if your wired? Glad I'll be dead before it gets much worse >(

Smash it up! as The Damned said (I think)
Message edited by Che - Wednesday, 08-Aug-2012, 20:02:06

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p1fxDate: Wednesday, 08-Aug-2012, 23:15:33 | Message # 6
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There was an article knocking about, I will try to find, about some Jap tech trying to develop contact lenses that also contained a tiny screen.
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