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The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey
CRUSAD3RDate: Tuesday, 13-Mar-2012, 22:47:29 | Message # 1
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If you like the Lord of the rings then you will love this new thread. I have created this thread to pay homage to the Lord of the Rings (TO SOME EXTENT biggrin ) it will hopefully contain some funny quotes and scenes from the movies that have changed the EDIT: fantasy (not sci-fi, sorry folks dry ) world forever and will make you go, "Ah yes I remember that one, whoa boy such a classic scene!". cool Well enough of my blubbering time to get to the real business. The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey is due out in December some time. For me personally I can't wait (Hence the reason why this has been posted in March not nearer the time of release!!) So first I will show you some classic scenes from the Trilogy to tantalise those tastebuds. Enjoy!!!
From your Crusad3r, cruzing the web to bring you the best!! (Hopefully)

This is the famous scene where Gimli is on the wall at Helms deep with Legolas but he can't quite get the feeling of battle. I wonder why? (Excuse the laughing at the end it is part of the video!!) surprised


Gimli is small and dwarf like so how is he going to make it to the fight?? By flying of course!! smile


As we know Gimli is single but why? What is wrong with dwarf women? Can he not hold onto them like he can horses...


Wow that's some heavy stuff i hear you say!! Well heres an interval song from Merry and Pippin


Now all Lotr fans will know of the killing scores between Gimli and Legolas. But does this still count as one??


Edit: Found this extra scene which goes with the past link. Enjoy.


Now I really don't want to spoil you so I'll just stop there and give you what you want. Hope you enjoyed this wee bloggy thing and please reply I want to know your views so that more may come.

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