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Modern Rules
zellakDate: Tuesday, 29-Nov-2011, 11:52:02 | Message # 1
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Had a great game of modern today using the D10 rules (check out the download page)

So....nicking some ideas from them here is a few changes to my rules.

Game Round
Each player in the game will roll a d8 for iNiTIATIVE, until a clear winner and order is achieved on the
game table, then after every Game Round is completed to set a new order.

The winner starts the game by choosing from the ACTIONS listed below for his Battle Units on the
table, until all players have performed an action for all their troops.

The Game Round is made up of the players having the choice to move, shot, move & shot or perform
other ACTIONS with their Battle Units in alternating turns.

Use game markers to show that a unit has been activated and cannot perform any further actions for
that game round, unless the unit is in OVERWATCH, see below.

Each player will perform one of the following ACTIONS for their Battle Units on the game table until
both sides have activated all their troops in some manner …

AIMED FIRE: This action allows the unit to fire once without any movement. But with a reroll if they miss.
(ATGW elements can only fire in this mode. They do not get a reroll)

ADVANCE: The Unit can fire once, either before or after movement.
(This action is not available to ground ATGW elements.)

DOUBLE: The unit may move up to twice its normal movement.

OVERWATCH: A unit can move and go on overwatch, firing later, at enemies who move.
(This allows SAMs to fire on aircrafts before they strike, tanks and troops to fire
once on opposing units as they appear, etc. )

ASSAULT: To engage the enemy in close assault, move your elements in base-to-base contact.

REGROUP: A single move, and rally.
Roll 2d6 and choose the highest to remove Blast Markers from the unit.
Roll one d6 if the Unit is BROKEN.

Troops on foot move at 2"
All vehicles move at 8”
Helicopters move at 24”
Aircraft will fly over the game table in a direct line, entering firstly from the players’ side of the table,
then alternating from where the aircraft leaves the table.

Movement Adjustments: Depending on the terrain scenery, elements will incur the following bonuses or reductions …
Road: A bonus of one and a half times the elements speed, rounded down.
Hill: A steep hill will effect all unit movement by reducing it too half their normal.
Stream/River: If amphibious, the unit movement is quartered.
Woods/Trees: All units, except troops on foot, will have their movement reduced to half.
Marsh/Rough: All units will suffer a half movement penalty.
Town/Cities: All units, except troops on foot, will have their movement reduced to half.

When under enemy fire or having suffered kills on a Unit, Blast Markers show how demoralised
troops will be during the game.

A unit gets one BM each time it is fired on, and another for each of its elements destroyed.

Suppression: Every BM on a unit reduces the number of elements that can fire by one.

If the Battle Unit suffers 2 BMs per element, then they are said to be
BROKEN and must retreat to regain their composure.

Whilst BROKEN, a unit may only use the REGROUP action.

Aircraft are different, they get a blast marker after every pass, and must roll higher than the number of blast markers they have in order to do another pass.

If the player uses an action which allows them to fire, they must first choose an enemy unit to fire on and roll a d8 for each shot.
As you are placing the enemy under fire, firstly place a Blast Marker against their unit as an indication of suppression fire before rolling for actual hits.
Now roll to hit, using another Blast Marker for every kill scored.

Shooting Table

Weapon----Range------ To Hit ----------to KO---MBT/OMBT/APC/soft/Inf

MBT GUN 5"----20”----- 60”----- 2+/ 2+/ 4+.....6+ /4+ /2+ /2+ /6+

OMBT GUN 5"----20"-----60"----2+ / 6+ / 8+....8+ /6+ /2+ /2+ /6+

HVY ATGW 5"--20"------60"------6+/2+/4+.......6+ /2+ /2+ /2+ / !

LT ATGW 5"-----20"-----60"-----4+/2+/6+.........! / 4+ /2+ /2+ / !

Auto Cannon..5"--- 20”----60”---- 2+/4+/8+......! / 8+ / 4+ / 2+ / 6+

Small arms 5"----10"------20"----2+ /6+ /8+......! / ! / ! / 4+ / 6+

KO Adjustments: If an element is in cover >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> one column shift. To Hit.
........................ If target is side armour MBT>>>>>>>>>>one column shift. To Kill

Indirect Fire: Use the following blast templates to indicate artillery fire …

4 to 6 Gun Artillery Fire : 5" template
Helicopter Rockets / Mortars : 3" Template

To roll for artillery accuracy, use a WH40K scatter die, a miss indicating a 1d8 inch scatter.

Place 2 Blast Markers on the enemy unit,which will be under heavy suppressive fire.

Roll a d8 to kill for each element under the Template. Artillery and Rockets as OMBT GUN, Mortars as Auto Cannon

Added (21-Nov-2011, 7:33 PM)

Each unit gets one chance to spot each turn. Roll a D8

Target/ Range.......5".........20".........60"


small vehicle........2+........4+..........8+

large vehicle........Auto.....2+..........4+

Aircraft and helicopters.....Auto

Target moves or fires...one column shift left (not cumulative)
Target in cover.......one column shift right
Spotter is Recce......one column shift left

Shifting off the table to the left is an automatic spot.
Shifting off the table to the right is an automatic failure.

Added (29-Nov-2011, 11:47 AM)
Came across this online.

Top down views of infantry and tanks.

Would this be a better idea for infantry than buying and painting 1/300th scale infantry ?

Added (29-Nov-2011, 11:52 AM)

Message edited by zellak - Sunday, 20-Nov-2011, 21:36:23

DEMON : " When next we meet, i shall tear you limb from limb...there will be no escape. "

Hero: " You bring balloon animals and i'll hire a clown..... we can make it a regular party. "
BalrogDate: Tuesday, 29-Nov-2011, 23:15:07 | Message # 2
Aun Va III
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Quote (zellak)
Added (29-Nov-2011, 11:47 AM)
Came across this online.

Top down views of infantry and tanks.

Would this be a better idea for infantry than buying and painting 1/300th scale infantry ?
Added (29-Nov-2011, 11:52 AM)

Nahhhhh .... I like my German WWII models, even if it's for Modern Warefare!

I'm sure I've a load still hiding somewhere if anyone needs any 6mm infantry models in general? ... Their WWII Germans, but being so small, you wouldn't notice the diff! ... Walts
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