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4' x 4' houserule : buildings
zellakDate: Sunday, 18-Nov-2012, 20:29:52 | Message # 1
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Before we got Op Frostbite, me and Che used to have house rules for using the Robogear buildings.

When moving into a building we deducted 10cm from the movement to climb up or down the building using the ladders either on the side of the building, or sometimes inside the building leading up to a trapdoor.

Not all the buildings have ladders and/or trapdoors.

The first ones i built have no means to climb up !

Example ; Measure from the leader. The leader of a Therian Storm Golum unit is 12 cm from a ladder.

The player elects to rush (24 cm move), he measures the 12 cm to the ladder and puts the leader at the top of the ladder (12 cm + 10 cm climb = 22 cm )

He then moves the leader 2 cm, and then moves the rest of the unit anywhere in the building without measuring.

Though remember all the models must still be in cohesion with each other, and the leader at the end of the move.

Also......If the leader cannot make it....no one can !

Note 1 ; Originally we allowed miniatures to move through the buildings on the ground level, but this got too fiddly, so we made that illegal.

Note 2 ; Although you can see through the buildings (as they are basically platforms built on struts and plating) we used to rule that the buildings blocked LOS.

Is this okay for you guys.....

Added (18-Nov-2012, 8:29 PM)
Update : i have remodelled the Robogear buildings in the club cupboard, so that they now all have at least one ladder, for access to the top platform.
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