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gerrywithaGDate: Monday, 13-Feb-2012, 23:50:21 | Message # 1
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Hi Gents,

Should the Therian Storm Arachns PDF be allowed to be used in the new Campaign as written ??


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CheDate: Monday, 13-Feb-2012, 23:58:45 | Message # 2
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BanksiDate: Tuesday, 14-Feb-2012, 00:08:19 | Message # 3
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Since I moaned about this pdf to start with, I'd say they are very over powered and under priced.

On checking Headless cards, they have the same stats, so someone is using them.

Balrog made a point about them being for a newer version of AT-43 that never saw light of day.

Shesh i'm being long winded.. I'm being Balrog


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zellakDate: Tuesday, 14-Feb-2012, 00:41:53 | Message # 4
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But....They are over powered. But its not as easy a trick to pull off as people are making out.

I believe they got the new group sacrifice ability to counter Type 3 AFV ( primarily the ONi HBT.)

So i suggest we change the group sacrifice ability to a special Therian Routine.

Group Sacrifice Routine 1 LP

This routine can be enabled when an Arachn unit detonates itself in an attack against a Type 3 AFV.
As long as one detonation penetrates the armour , all detonations count as penetrations.

(The net effect of this is to make the Arachn a more specialised unit. But better than zombies.)

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BalrogDate: Tuesday, 14-Feb-2012, 00:42:23 | Message # 5
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pavlovDate: Tuesday, 14-Feb-2012, 17:38:46 | Message # 6
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gerrywithaGDate: Tuesday, 28-Feb-2012, 02:23:33 | Message # 7
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Any other opinions on this from anybody else on this??

I'll close this off on Friday and post my decision then

Da' Umpire

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ZealyotDate: Thursday, 01-Mar-2012, 15:26:59 | Message # 8
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Yes but i agree with zellak that it should be a routine costing 1LP that can only be used against type 3 AFV's

but i would maybe want to toy around with the idea that each additional storm arachn "sacrificed" you gain a plus one to one of the penetration roles you are making at the cost of losing one of your dice

I.E. if you have 6 Storm arachns using the group sacrafice ability you could decide that you want to use 3 dice instead of the six that you would normally get, but because you are only using three dice they all get a pluss one

just as thought a thought happy
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