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zellakDate: Tuesday, 17-Dec-2019, 11:00:05 | Message # 1
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i am running a new RPG at the club.

Its a homebrew hack of RuneQuest.
Using a stripped down version of the combat rules from RuneQuest, and also the skills . But converted to a d20 roll
No levels....No character classes......instant death is always possible as Hit Points dont increase by much.

The magic system is a simplified version of Frostgrave .....but with dire consequences for miscasting.

The background is ancient Greek using the pantheon of Greek Gods.

Dennos is a small Greek city state, it lies on the western side of the island of Arborea.
There is a ruined ancient city called the Big Rubble three days march along the south coast from Dennos.

Our Heroes are brave souls who search the Big Rubble for treasure and Glory !

The character sheet

You will notice from the character sheet that the Attributes are now

Physique ; Strength/ Constitution / Size ; amalgamated into a single stat.

Reaction ; Speed

Dexterity ; Balance and hand eye coordination

Intellect ; Reasoning and learning

Willpower ; Force of Will, bonus adds to HP, and is used to control the flow of Magiks

Appearance ; Looks.

Hit Points are equal to Physique Attribute # plus Willpower bonus

Attribute bonus ; 15 = +1 / 16= +2 / 17 = +3 / 18 = +4 / 19= +5 ( max )

Rolling Character ; Choose to be a foreigner or roll on a table for background of family.

Roll 5d6 for each attribute, discarding the 2 lowest dice.
Place them in the order they are rolled.
You may swap your highest roll for Physique.....Heroes are usually big guys. And HP are important

So with an 18 Physique and 18 Willpower, maximum HP = 22 ( Your average man will have 10 HP )

Roll for 10 Combat skills and 8 general skills.

Each skill starts at 20 minus roll a 7 for Brawling then write down 13+ against Brawling.
This is what you need to hit on a D20
Also you may boost one combat skill and one general skill by +4 as a specialisation.

Choose something/someone your character Hates, / Fears
Choose someone your character has a Bond with.
His Politics ( Republican / Democrat / Monarchist / non political / other ? )
His Deity ....usually Dionysus if from Dennos.
His Ambition.....Fame / Romance / Glory / Power / Wealth / Knowledge / RuneLord
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DEMON : " When next we meet, i shall tear you limb from limb...there will be no escape. "

Hero: " You bring balloon animals and i'll hire a clown..... we can make it a regular party. "
Forum » Roleplay Discussions » Hoplites RPG » Introduction
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